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On this page you will find all the necessary information for your participation at Tipping Points.

1) Registration

You have already decided to take part at Tipping Points #8? Then register right away to secure your workshop spots! It won't take long...

2) Location

Tipping Points #8 takes place in Vienna.

We are happy to welcome you in the cultural center 4lthangrund , a significant location for self-organised, emencipatory groups in Vienna. The Tipping Points check-in will be in the old canteen "Alte Mensa".

The adress is Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna, for arrival information scroll down to point 3) Travel and reimbursement
This map should help you to find your way around.

3) Travel and reimbursement

Should you travel from outside Vienna, you can get your costs reimbursed. Please keep your original ticket and talk to us at the check-in table.

You can get to 4lthangrund by U6/U4 Spittelau, U6/38/37 Nußdorfer Straße, or D Liechtenwerder Platz. The adress is Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna. You can find a description here. or on this map ⬇️

4) Participation fee

Organising such an event with a great workshop programme, cooking for this many people, ... we want to offer you all of it. And it all costs money.

Still, we want to offer the skills and methods to as many people as possible. That's why there are different recommendations for participants' fees which you can choose according to your possibilities:

  • Scholarship participation: € 0 - 10 per workshop
  • Standard fee: €10 - 20 per workshop
  • Solidarity fee: €40 per workshop
  • Supporter package: from €150 for the whole event (+ you will receive a goody bag as thanks!)

You can transfer us your donation now or pay in cash at the event.

Account details:
Account name: Humus
IBAN: AT47 3412 9000 0891 2495
Reference: Spende Tipping Points 8

5) Corona

Covid is not history yet! But luckily it the pandemic does not post as big a threat as it used to. So we decided not to have strict rules. Since there will be very many people from different contexts coming together at Tipping Points, we do ask you to come tested, if possible!

At the Check-in table, we will have some AntiGen-Tests in case you are unsure. Also, there will be some FFP2 masks available there.

If you personally feel unsafe, pleas do wear a mask. Those, whos need for security is lower or who have different medical preconditions, we ask to consider this and communicate respectfully!

6) Barriers

Physical barrieres
All rooms are wheelchair accessible. There is a wheelchair acessible toilet as well. The wheel chair acessible path to the check-in can be found here. , including pictures.
The location is big and sometimes there are stairs to climb and longer distances to walk.
If you require assistance send us a message in advance..

Most workshops are in German, and there are 1-2 English workshops in each slot. Those are marked accordingly in the programme. The evening programme will have English subtitles, at least.

People with visual impairment
Die Location ist nicht mit einem Leitsystem ausgestattet. Da sie relativ groß und verwinkelt ist, ist es für Seh*behinderte Menschen alleine scher zu navigieren. Wir können dir gerne eine Begleitperson zur Verfügung stellen. Bitte contact us in advance.

Deaf people
We do not have sign language translation planned.

Will alcohol be consumed at the event?
In the evening there will be alcoholic baverages. However, Tipping Points is not a party event so there will not be excessive alcohol consumption.

Let's fight the barriers!
If you want to participate at Tipping Points in the future but there are barriers that stop you from coming, please do send us an email and we'll find a solution: tipping-points/at/humus/dot/live

If you want to sign up to our email newsletter you can here. The newsletter is only sent out 3 times per Tipping Points edition.