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Support Tipping Points

Tipping Points is a project that is mainly organised by unpaid volunteers and is dependant on all sorts of support. If you think it's cool you can think about how best to support it:

Sure, despite voluntary labour, Tipping Points has a lot of costs: printing, facilitators' fees, material, IT-infrastructure and licenses, room rent, food, transport subsidies, .... all these costs cannot be covered by participants' donations. Some of these costs are permanent, even at times when do event is happening.

If you can, please support Tipping Points with a donation of your choosing:

Account name: Humus
IBAN: AT47 3412 9000 0891 2495
Reference: „Spende Tipping Points“

Of course, we also need helping hands at the events.Be it for cooking, cleaning, documentation, ... We also need people handing out flyers and putting up posters in the run-up of an event, or advertising in any other wayIf you want to support us in this way, send us an email tipping-points/at/humus/dot/live

In the programme of any Tipping Points event we have a few slots open - if you want to share some of your skills that are needed by people who are politically active, send us an email too!