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Now set: 1-3 December in Salzburg


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Tipping Points #9 is taking place from the 1st to 3rd of December 2023 in Salzburg.
We are excited to announce an other event with 20-some workshops, activities and chances to socialize. All centered around this years focus - Looking ahead!
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Save the Date 1.-3. Dez. Salzburg

What do we mean by 'Looking ahead'?
A more detailed explanation of our focus and the selection of workshops will follow soon. We are worried about the political and cultural push to the right that has been observable in Austria, Salzburg specifically and in Europe more generally. This development can not be ignored; We must react against the legislative, as well as the cultural push to the right. We must build social structures to prevent them. We believe that this can only be done by 'Looking ahead'. What can we expect of the coming months? What obstacles will we face in our pursuits and what skills will we need to overcome them? Let us come together and learn from one another.

Mark the 1-3 of December 2023 in your calendars and tell all your friends in and outside your organization!