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Focus topic: Community Organizing

We have to get out of the bubble! Many politically and socially active people have expressed this wish in recent years. To bring about the changes we so urgently need, we need many people. And indeed a wide variety of people. It is no longer enough that only a small radical, very active part of civil society gets involved in political developments: we need the students as well as the retired, the nursing staff as well as the engineers, the neighbours and the colleagues at work.

But how do we reach all these people? One answer is community Organizing.

Community Organizing

Community Organizing (C.O.) is a type of political Organizing where communities empower themselves, join together and bring about concrete changes relevant to their everyday lives. In more radical, system-critical settings, C.O. has evolved into Transformative Community Organizing. The work of those affected is linked to movement building, through which more transformative, long-term demands can also be pursued. 

(Transformative) Community Organizing was developed and coined in the USA and has increasingly found its way into German-speaking countries in recent years. Here, the term "Gemeinwesenarbeit" is sometimes used. For the 8th edition of Tipping Points we have chosen this focus, because in the last months also in Austria more and more groups and organisations started to play around with or experiment with C.O.. At the same time, basic ideas, approaches and methods of Organizing can also be applied well in other political projects.

Only Community Organizing?

Focus topic means that at least one workshop on this topic takes place in each workshop slot. In addition, there are also some Tipping Points classics in the program, such as facilitation and sustainable activism, or new specials such as solidarity economies or DIY documentaries. There should be something for everyone!

In addition, delicious food, networking with other participants and an exciting supporting program await you!

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