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Workshops in English

Dear non-german-speakers,

there are some special offers, just for you! Check it out, register soon and don’t hesitate to drop us a message (e-mail to: tipping-points[at]humus.live) if you have questions! To provide an overview:

Languages and group activities

The main language at Tipping Points will be German but we will try to provide English translations where possible. Most attendees will speak German, but many will be able to communicate in English as well. So don’t hesitate to approach others in English or ask for translation! Unfortunately, we cannot offer a program or translations in other languages at this time. We will provide whisper translation at the opening and evening events. In addition, the most important information on logistics etc. will be available in English. Please let us know if this is not the case!

Workshops held (or possible) in English

  • Solidarity and Exploitation in (this) Space (English)
  • Introduction to Facilitation (English)
  • Action Clowning (both languages possible)
  • Be a Fem*ARTivist! (bilingual)
  • The Rise of Gig Workers Organizing (English)
  • Safer Space – Empowerment Workshops for BIPoC (both languages possible)
  • Communicating Across Differences (English)
  • Own Your Communication Infrastructure (English)
  • Community Organizing (English)
  • Politics, Narratives and Imaginaries of AI from an environmentalist perspective (English, online)

Other Sessions & Interactions

  • Registration/Info Desk: all relevant information will be available in English. Please let us know if you need whisper translation at the plenary sessions when you register at your arrival!
  • Opening Session: German with whisper translation
  • Fish Bowl Discussion on Friday evening: whisper translation + contributions in English will be possible
  • Transfer-Sessions (after lunch breaks): it will be possible to take part, speaking English only
  • Somatic Landing (Saturday) and Yoga (Sunday) – translation possible
  • Harvesting Session on Sunday: whisper translation possible